The detection of potentials is the cornerstone for a successful career, as well as motivation and the identification of performance incentives. It is not only a matter of managers to be aware of personal needs and how to deal with them appropriately.

Particularly regarding employee development a clear detection of candidates' and coworkers' motivation is of high importance. This means to know where and when every single employee thrives and performs best and to see where personal needs are not met. If you have this information you will also know which task suits your employee best in order to achieve certain targets.

The Benefit of Motivation Analysis:

  • An individual understands and perceives oneself better and can learn, act and react appropriately to his/her needs: Optimal self-management.
  • Managers have a better understanding of their role as motivators and mentors.
  • They can speak about motivation more target-oriented.
  • The personal needs of each employee can be met and anonymisation or generalisation are inhibited.
  • The commitment of employees increases through a better self-awareness.
  • Employees recognize that the company appreciates their desires.
  • The analysis is a reliable indicator for stress or over charged schedules.
  • The results are a solid basis for all kinds of talks: Employee development, coachings, etc.
  • The assessment per employee helps the manager to perfectly compose his/her team with each employee being in his/her preferred role.

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MQ-R for Recruiter

Our motivational analysis to support your candidate selection.

In addition to the normative part of the questionnaire it is assessed in what order needs and desires occur. Needs are being contrasted and are devided into extrinsic and intrinsic needs.

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